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Date: Thu Jul 11 12:20:52 2019
Subject: 19.07.11 Business Development Manager, BioSolveIT Inc., Boston
Welcome to BioSolveIT - the high profile, global provider of cutting-edge
software & services for therapeutics research. Join us to further our
success and shape the future of our US operations!

You will take over responsibility for our solid, existing US customer base,
using it to jump-start your business development activities to generate new
sales opportunities for us within the pharma, biotech, and crop protection
industries. You attend various conferences but also organize attractive
events and workshops yourself as a basis on which to create new leads.
You work closely with your colleagues overseas, and with their backing
strive to keep existing clients happy and attract new prospects through
our living philosophy: Fast. Visual. Easy. Your hands-on attitude and
outgoing, confident, and goal-oriented personality is the door opener to
achieving success in convincing drug researchers of our value proposition.

50% of the top 10 Fortune 500 pharmas are BioSolveIT clients already.
You will help us secure "the other half" too  and of course many smaller
pharma and biotech companies besides.

Become a member of the winning team, take responsibility for our
US operations and help leading scientists make the world a healthier place.

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