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Date: Mon Jul 15 20:20:11 2019
Subject: 19.07.15 Postdoc, Molecular Simulations & Drug Discovery, Beihang University, Beijing, China
Two postdoc positions for 2 years are available in Lin Research group ( 
at Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for Biomedical Engineering, Beihang University, Beijing, 
China. The center focuses on highly interdisciplinary biomedical researches with strong financial 
support from the local government.The official journal of our center (Medicine in Novel Technology 
and Devices, 
was launched recently, which is operated by Elsevier. The center director Prof. Yubo Fan served as 
one founding Editor-in-Chief.

The open positions focus on: (1) using molecular simulations to understand biological mechanisms 
of membrane-related processes with tight collaborations with molecular/cellular experiments; 
(2) developing methods for the modern drug discovery integrated with AI, protein design and 
structural bioinformatics.

The research group aims at establishing a rational computational drug discovery pipeline and 
assisting molecular/cellular experiments in elucidating molecular mechanisms. Candidates with 
biophysics, chemistry, physics or computer science background are strongly welcome to apply. 
All the candidates should send their applications to email address: (linxbseu!A!, 
including cover letter, research statement and CV with "application for postdoc positions 
advertised on CCL" in the subject line. Besides, two letters of recommendation need to be 
arranged and sent directly by two referees. 

The ideal candidates will be independent and highly motivated researchers with a strong PhD 
background in computational biophysics or chemistry. Familiarity with computational techniques, 
such as molecular dynamics simulations, umbrella sampling, molecular docking, structural 
bioinformatics and AI, will be a great plus. Candidate should have excellent programming skills.

Salary and benefits: 
(1) The annual salary for a postdoc is in the range of 250-350K RMB, according to the qualification 
of the candidate. 
(2) The dormitory will be provided by the center. 
(3) University kindergarten and high school are open to the candidates children. 
(4) The candidate can apply for the Beijing residency (HuKou) after finishing the postdoc training 
according to the policy of Beijing. 
(5) Strong support the candidate for the application of NSFC grants and national/regional postdoc grants. 
(6) Opportunities to attend international conferences/workshops.
All the candidates should send their applications to email address: 
Dr. Xubo Lin (group leader), Email: linxbseu!A! or linxbseu!A!
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