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Date: Tue Oct 8 04:19:36 2019
Subject: 19.10.08 PhD Position in the Department of Theoretical Chemistry
Multiple PhD positions in the Department of Theoretical Chemistry of the
Ruhr-University Bochum are open immediately. The research work will be
conducted in the group of Dr. Michael Roemelt and will involve both, the
development and application of novel electronic structure methods for
molecules with near-degeneracies. More precisely, methodological
advancements of modern multireference methods like the density matrix
renormalization group towards reliably calculating magnetic properties
and solvent effects are envisaged. Furthermore, the candidates will
conduct computational studies to predict and understand magnetic exchange
coupling effects in polynuclear transition metal clusters and solvent
effects on a certain class of catalytically active organometallic

The Department of Theoretical Chemistry at the RUB is one of the leading
centers or theoretical chemistry in Germany and offers a diverse and highly 
international research environment. Candidates must have a background in 
theoretical chemistry and show some experience in performing computational 
studies. Programming skills will be beneficial but are not required.
Consideration of candidates will begin immediately and continue until the 
positions are filled. Candidates should send a resume together with the
usual material as one pdf file to:

Dr. Michael Roemelt
Lehrstuhl fuer Theoretische Chemie
Ruhr-Universitt Bochum
44780 Bochum
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