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Date: Fri Oct 11 02:09:44 2019
Subject: 19.10.11 Open PhD and Postdoc positions in low-dimensional materials, Institute for Basic Science, Korea
The Institute for Basic Science (IBS) is a national research institute established in accordance with Article 14 of the Special Act on 
Establishment of and Support for International Science and Business Belts. The Theory Group in IBS Center for Multidimensional Carbon 
Materials (IBS-CMCM), located in Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST), is working on computational method development, 
theoretical research of various carbon materials, 2D materials and other low dimensional materials, as well as the experimental synthesis of 
these corresponding materials. The group leader (Prof. Feng Ding) invites applications for a few positions as Research Fellow and PhD student, 
to carry out leading projects in the research field of low-dimensional materials.

Research interests and publication list of Prof. Feng Ding: 

Website of IBS-CMCM:

Research Areas
Theoretical studies
-Theoretical study on the properties of carbon, 2D and related materials,
-The computational study of surface science and chemical reactions in solution,
-Theoretical study of the mechanism and kinetics of low dimensional materials,
-Multi-scale computational methods development for materials science.

Experimental studies
-Synthesis, characterization and applications of carbon nanotubes, graphene and various 2D materials.

Required Qualifications
For Research Fellow/Postdoctoral Researcher (Contract duration can be from one to five years and renewable)
 Ph.D. in Physics, Chemistry, Materials Science or Mechanical Engineering
 Research experience in computational or experimental studies of low dimensional materials

PhD Student
 Bachelor or Masters degree in Physics, Chemistry, Materials Science, Mechanical Engineering, etc.
 Applicants who are in pursuit of PhD degree
To apply:
- Send an email to f.ding-* with the following application list.
 1. Cover letter describing your research interests and interest in our group
 2. CV, including publication list
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