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Date: Thu Nov 5 07:15:06 2020
Subject: 20.11.05 Senior Research Scientist position in computational structural biology, AstraZeneca, Cambridge UK
Job Title: Computational Structural Biology Senior Research Scientist
Location: Cambridge, UK

This is an opportunity for a talented scientist with expertise in
Computational Biology, to play an influential role in drug discovery
projects at AstraZeneca in Cambridge UK.  The Computational
Structural Biology (CSB) team has expertise in Structural
Bioinformatics, Protein Modelling, protein docking, and in silico
prediction of physico-chemical properties of biomolecules. You will
collaborate with structural biologists, protein scientists,
biophysicists, chemists and biologists across all of AZs therapy

You will be part of a team that applies and develops computational
methods and platforms to analyse and interpret protein and nucleic
acids structures and interactions, with a particular focus on
antibody drug discovery. You will contribute to evolve the CSB team
to support AZs growing capabilities in RNA therapeutics and to
advance computational biology capabilities to positively impact drug
discovery projects.

Who You Are
You will have a PhD in Computational Biology, Structural Biology,
Computational Sciences, Biochemistry, or a related discipline and
strong practical and theoretical expertise in protein structure and
Bioinformatics. You will be skilled in computer programming and have
some knowledge of machine learning algorithms. 

You will have strong personal drive, result focus and a passion to
push the boundaries of your science to achieve outstanding results.
You have excellent interpersonal and oral and written communication
skills. You will have demonstrated ability to work collaboratively in
a multidisciplinary team environment.

What You Will Do
	Analyse and interpret protein structure using computational
modelling tools; homology modelling and protein-protein docking. 

	Analyse and interpret antibody-antigen interactions, use
computational tools to predict physico-chemical properties and
predict mutations that enhance affinity and developability of antibodies. 

	Apply molecular dynamics simulations to understand protein dynamics
and motions.

	Generate scripts and workflows to enable automated protein-protein
interaction analysis.

	Contribute to establish computational approaches to nucleic acids,
in particular anti-sense oligonucleotides, siRNA and RNA as target.

	Apply artificial intelligence and machine learning to biologics drug

	Be part of and contribute to multidisciplinary drug discovery
project teams.

Closing Date: 22nd November 2020
Please apply online by clicking on the link
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