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Date: Fri Feb 26 08:39:57 2021
Subject: 21.02.26 PhD and Postdoc positions in Exolife Science, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
We advertise the opening of 4 PhD fellowships and 2 Postdoctoral 
fellowships at the University of Copenhagen, in the field of 
Exolife Science, understood as the overlap field between chemistry, 
astronomy, biology and physics. 

The fellowships are part of the synergy project: 
Effects of bacteria on atmospheres of Earth, Mars, and exoplanets.

The start of all the fellowships is August 15, 2021, or soon thereafter.

The 6 new synergy positions involve staff at University of Copenhagen 
from the Department of Chemistry, the Niels Bohr Institute, and 
the Department of Biology. The candidates will work as a team 
with the common goal of deepening our understanding of the global 
interactions of life with its surroundings in terrestrial and 
extraterrestrial environments.

For more information, please see

PhD project 1: Activity of microorganisms under extreme conditions
PhD project 2: Spectra of exoplanet bio signature molecules
PhD project 3: Cloud formation and cloud properties on Earth and 
in exoplanets
PhD project 4: Micro-biological influence on atmospheric dynamics

Postdoctoral project 1: Physiological adaptations and genomic 
characterization of microbial extremophiles
Postdoctoral project 2: Synthetic spectra of exoplanet atmospheres 
with and without biological activity

Principal supervisors are:
Professor Henrik Grum Kjaergaard, Department of Chemistry, email:
Professor Uffe Graae Joergensen, Niels Bohr Institute, email:
Associate professor Jan O. M. Haerter, Niels Bohr Institute, email:
Professor Anders Prieme, Department of Biology, email:
Please visit 
for information on the online application form and project descriptions.
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