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Date: Mon Apr 12 16:35:19 2021
Subject: 21.04.12 Computational Chemist-NY Area-Coarse Grained Force Field Development
Postdoctoral position at City University of New York (CUNY) at Department
of Chemistry, CUNY-Staten Island, NY.  Will be under direct supervision 
of Prof. Sharon Loverde, Associate Professor in the department and member of 
the Graduate Center, CUNY, Programs in Chemistry, Biochemistry and Physics.

Research will be aimed at coarse grained force field development 
(for polymers, peptides, drugs, nucleic acids).  

Multiple possible collaborative opportunities exist with experimentalists
in the NY area.

PhD in chemistry, biochemistry, chemical engineering, materials science, 
physics, polymer science or engineering
Familiarity with UNIX/Linux environments
Experience with at least one MD code 
(NAMD, Amber, Gromacs, LAMMPS, HOOMD-blue)
Strong background in at least one coding language 
(Python, C/C++, Perl, Fortran)
Excellent communication skills (verbal, written)

A plus:
Experience with free energy methods in molecular simulations
Experience with force field development
Experience with NSF XSEDE or other high performance computing environments
To apply, please send a CV including names of three references to 
Prof. Sharon Loverde,  

The successful candidate will be offered a one year contract, 
to be extended if the PI receives additional funding.  

Start-date negotiable.
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