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Date: Thu Jun 17 17:56:30 2021
Subject: 21.06.17 Postdoctoral Position in Theoretical Chemistry and Machine Learning, Purdue, Indiana

Postdoctoral Position in Theoretical Chemistry and Machine Learning, Purdue U, Indiana

A Postdoctoral Position in Theoretical/Computational Chemistry is available in Prof. Ming Chens group in the Chemistry Department of Purdue University. This position focuses on understanding biomolecule conformational dynamics with machine learning based enhanced sampling approaches and/or modeling complex materials with machine learning+stochastic electronic structure methods. Since Dr. Chen will join Purdue University in Fall 2021, the position will start on September 1 and will be continued until the position is filled. The initial appointment of this position is one year and the position will be renewed annually. Ph.D. in theoretical/computational chemistry/physics/material sciences/biophysics/biochemistry or a related discipline is required for candidates. Candidates who are familiar with machine learning or enhanced sampling or electronic structure methods are preferred and candidates familiar with programming and methodology development are welcome.

Candidates who are interested in this position can send (1) a CV, (2) a cover letter, (3) 2~3 recommendation letters to Ming Chen at chen4116|*|

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