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Date: Fri Jun 25 13:23:19 2021
Subject: 21.06.25 Senior/Principal Investigator, SPR and Biophysics
At Roivant, we are passionate about discovering and developing new drugs to
 impact patients lives. Since its inception in 2014 Roivant launched over 
20 portfolio companies (Vants) with 5 successful IPOs, established a $3B 
partnership with global pharma, a pipeline of over 40 assets across various modalities 
and therapeutic areas, and delivered 8 successful phase 3 readouts since 2019. 
Roivant is currently building new capabilities in drug discovery and expanding upon 
existing development disciplines to become the leading large tech-enabled pharmaceutical company. 
Roivants drug discovery capabilities include the leading computational physics
-based platform for in silico drug design and optimization combined with the 
power of Artificial Intelligence. The integration of our computational and experimental 
engines enables the rapid design of small molecules, heterobifunctional
 and molecular glues to address challenging targets for diseases with high unmet need.
We believe that the future of Drug Discovery will consistently exploit the integration of 
predictive sciences, biology and medicinal chemistry to accelerate the discovery of medicines,
 and this position is an opportunity to take an active role in this paradigm shift. 
Roivant is privately held and very well-capitalized.

Position Summary: 
Roivant is seeking an enthusiastic, highly motivated and high performing individual for 
elucidating and quantitively measuring protein-drug interactions and biophysical assay development.  
The person to fill this position will be a major player in generating critical data and 
providing expertise to Roivants drug discovery engine and pipeline by testing kinetics and 
affinity of interactions of small molecules and heterobifunctionals and in assay development for 
biophysics and biochemistry group.  The candidate should have substantial practical experience in 
multiple biophysical techniques, with a strong bias toward SPR with a deep understanding and knowledge 
of the principles governing molecular interactions, and how biophysics methods can elucidate/characterize these

Key Responsibilities:
	Recommend, design and develop SPR assays for compound screening, fragment 
        screening and routine small molecule and heterobifunctional testing (in house and with CROs)
	Accountable for quality and clear understanding of binding results, including for SPR assays
	Organize and present data to group members and project team members.
	Additional responsibilities may include testing of small molecules in STD NMR, ITC, DSF or MST
	Carefully document research workflows, data and protocols using an electronic laboratory notebook and 
        in house databases.
	Mentor more junior scientists in the group

	Ph.D. in biophysics, biochemistry, or related discipline with 5+ years of industry-based drug discovery 
	An explicit track record of impacting projects through biophysics experimental design and results
	Expertise in SPR assay design and development for testing of small molecules in SPR in the context of 
        drug discovery projects
	Hands-on experience in one or more of the following techniques is strongly desirable: NMR,
        isothermal titration calorimetry (ITC), differential scanning fluorimetry (DSF), microscale thermophoresis (MST)  
	Experience in biophysics applied to heterobifunctional molecule is a plus
	Proficient in relevant programs for data analysis and visualization
	Demonstrated ability to work independently to troubleshoot and optimize experiments
	Demonstrated ability to mentor others
	Excellent communication skills
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