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Date: Tue Jul 6 18:25:59 2021
Subject: 21.07.06 2021 UCSF Postdoctoral Fellow
The Keiser Lab at UCSF in collaboration with the Discovery Chemistry group 
at Genentech is looking for highly motivated postdoctoral candidates with 
a background in machine learning, computational chemistry, chemical 
informatics, or related fields. The candidate would work to explore chemical
space through the lens of machine learning models. The project involves the 
design and testing of algorithms to map and quantify chemical latent space 
for use in drug discovery. The postdocs primary appointment would be at 
UCSF but they will be closely integrated with Genentech collaborators.

Python expertise required. PyTorch experience preferred. Desired, but not 
strictly required, skills include experience with pandas, sklearn, dask, 
slurm, and GPU clusters. Expertise with massive and/or distributed dataset 
analysis is a plus. Computational chemistry, drug discovery, medicinal 
chemistry, or demonstrably related domain expertise is also required.

A productive track record with at least one first-author publication is 
required. We seek a driven individual who will hit the ground running, 
lead her/his research independently, and communicate frequently and clearly 
to the field and industry partners.

Just north of Silicon Valley, the Keiser labs location at UCSF Mission 
Bay directly adjoins SoMa district and the heart of SFs tech and 
artificial intelligence startup scene. Our collaborators at the nearby 
Genentech South San Francisco campus are committed to discover effective 
medicines for unmet medical needs through the application of 
state-of-the-art drug discovery technologies.
Interested candidates should submit a CV and arrange that three letters 
of reference be sent directly to apply+/ Please reference 
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