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Date: Thu Jul 8 14:37:07 2021
Subject: 21.07.08 PostDoctoral Fellow to work on automated peptide docking
Scripps Research is seeking a Postdoctoral Associate to support the 
Dr. Sanner Lab. We are part of the Center for Computational Structural 
Biology (CCSB) at Scripps where we develop cutting edge software for 
modeling, analyzing, and visualizing molecular interactions which we 
make available to the worldwide research community. Under the AutoDock 
Suite umbrella of automated docking software tools we have recently 
developed AutoDock CrankPep (ADCP in short), a docking engine specifically 
designed for ab-initio docking of fully flexible peptides. We have shown 
that ADCP outperforms state of the art peptide docking engines and can 
successfully dock linear and cyclic peptides with up to 20 amino acids.
We are seeking a highly motivated and talented individual interested in 
method development in automated docking and their application to 
biomedically relevant drug discovery efforts. The successful candidate 
will join a lab integrated in the highly collaborative CCSB center and 
continue developing the ADCP software and apply it to biomedically relevant
Postdoctoral Associates are appointed positions for the purpose of 
developing scholarly competence, working under the supervision of a 
Scripps Research Faculty member.  These appointments are normally not 
renewed beyond a total of five years. 
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