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Date: Thu Jul 29 16:55:07 2021
Subject: 21.07.29 Scientific Programmer; Early Charm Ventures; Baltimore, MD
What we do:
Early Charm creates, owns, and operates businesses that convert science 
into revenue.  We are the management team, the operators, and the 
entrepreneurs. We do not write checks and just pop in for board meetings.
We show up to our labs, our production facilities, and our offices every 
day to do all the heavy lifting in our portfolio companies. Our scientists
and engineers work across our entire portfolio, never just one venture.
This brings extraordinary expertise to the earliest stages of product
development. The lack of silos fosters creativity and attracts the most
collaborative people. Similarly, our sales & marketing team works across
our portfolio enabling us to have the voice of customers heard early and
often as we consider product development. Add in our experts in law,
intellectual property, accounting, finance, licensing, purchasing and more
to get the complete team to build our businesses.

What you will do:
You will work primarily with our companies selling computational drug
design software. Our companies have well developed, scientifically
validated algorithms that model proteins in complex virtual environments.
Our customers use these models to design molecules that efficiently and
selectively interact with the proteins. Interfering with the actions of
proteins is the most common way that therapeutic drugs function.

We have an exceptional team of computational chemists and a recurring
customer base. You will work closely with both while maintaining and
developing applications related to various computational chemistry and
cheminformatics tasks. The technologies used in our existing application
are based on C++ and Python.

What you need to be successful:
A deep understanding of Fortran/C++ and Python is required, as is an
advanced understanding of chemistry (preferred) or physics and molecular
simulation algorithms. Experience in computational drug design would help
as would having familiarity with GPU programming.

What we will do for you:
Career development is our top priority for you. While we love the idea
of people joining Early Charm forever, we are realistic to understand
that we may be a stepping stone to other opportunities or a way for you
to explore career options. Regardless of your reasons for joining us,
our commitment is to help you.

Where you will work:
We are at the center of the entrepreneurial renaissance of Baltimore
giving you the opportunity to interact with some of the nations most
exciting technology companies. Located at 1100 Wicomico Street, our labs,
production space and offices are intermingled with firms doing engineering
design, software development, specialty textiles, 3D printing, and so much
more. There is even a brewery.

Early Charm is an equal opportunity employer. We do not discriminate on 
the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual 
orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.
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