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Date: Tue Aug 3 15:04:15 2021
Subject: 21.08.03 Postdoctoral position in computational biophysics at the University of Notre Dame
A postdoctoral position in computational biophysics is available in the 
Wiest group at the University of Notre Dame. The position is fully funded 
for five years through a recent NIH R01 grant. The starting salary will 
follow NIH guidelines and is expected to be ~$52,000/year plus generous 
benefits and professional development opportunities.  The University of 
Notre Dame is located in South Bend, IN, an area with reasonable cost of 
living 90 minutes southeast of Chicago. Excellent computational resources, 
including large CPU and GPU clusters, are available for the project.

The goal of the project is to elucidate the oligomerization of VP40, 
a protein that is essential for many filoviruses including ebola and Marburg
viruses. The goal of the project is to understand the effect of mutations on
the oligomerization and the design of stapled peptide helices as chemical 
probes. This project is a collaboration of the Wiest group with the 
Stahelin group at Purdue University and the DelValle group at the 
University of Notre Dame. It interfaces with the computer aided molecular 
design facility in the Warren Center for Drug Discovery, which offers the 
opportunity to gain additional experience in computational drug design. 

Position Requirements:
-	PhD in chemistry, biochemistry, biophysics or related field
-	Demonstrated experience with molecular dynamics simulations of 
        proteins and other biomolecules
-	Demonstrated ability to work in a multidisciplinary team that 
        include experimental chemists and biophysicists
-	Ability of handle multiple projects simultaneously
-	Excellent verbal and written communication skills. 

Experience with other aspects of computer aided drug design such as python
scripting, advanced sampling methods, study of protein-protein interactions,
docking, model building and validation, electronic structure calculations,
free energy perturbation and force field parameterization are beneficial. 

The Wiest group is committed to a diverse and supportive environment and 
encourages applications from a range of backgrounds. Applicants should 
submit a cover letter explaining their interests in and specific 
qualifications for the position, a CV, and a list of three writers of 
letters of recommendation to camd(at)nd(dot)edu.

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