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Date: Thu Aug 26 09:37:26 2021
Subject: 21.08.26 Postdoc_Computational Chemist (MD)_ Eli Lilly_Cambridge_MA

We are New Therapeutic Modalities (NTM) team at Eli Lilly in Cambridge. 

We have an opening on our rapidly growing team that would be a good fit for early career computational chemists and computational biophysicists: 
For reference, heres a short introduction of our team and the position. 
NTM is a new department at Eli Lilly focused on exploring novel therapeutic and platform technologies (i.e., genetic nanomedicines including RNA and nanoparticles). 
Our team in Cambridge, MA, USA specializes in early platform discovery and technological innovation. We are a small, agile team comprised of biologists, physicists, chemists, engineers, and data scientists. 
We have built a nimble, innovative biotech culture inside Lilly, where we have great autonomy to explore cutting edge ideas while also leveraging existing Lilly resources as needed, all without having to worry 
about funding like other startups might. We think its a neat gig, and we hope you will too. 
In the next phase of our rapid growth, we seek to leverage molecular dynamics (especially coarse-grained molecular dynamics) to further accelerate our mechanistic understanding of drug efficacy. 
Those familiar with coarse-grained molecular dynamics (especially for RNA and/or nanoassemblies) and interested in genetic nanomedicine would be a perfect fit for the position, but were also open to hire smart, 
talented folks interested in learning more about this area, provided they have a relevant background. 
Candidates for this position will interact with team members with diverse expertise. This postdoc fellow will report to both an experimental bioengineer and a computational bioengineer, 
along with close mentorship a senior director with 10+ year expeirence as computational chemist/biophysicist. 

No first-hand experimental experience is expected in the role, unless desired by the candidate during the duration of the appointment. 
We are eager to bring talent on board!

NTM team.
Please apply follow the instruction from the link below:
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