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Date: Mon Aug 30 13:54:34 2021
Subject: 21.08.30 Machine Learning Scientist, AI Force Field Development at New Equilibrium Biosciences (Boston, MA, USA)
New Equilibrium Biosciences discovers drugs that target intrinsically disordered 
proteins through its integrated computational-experimental platform, with the 
mission of creating transformative medicines for patients with cancers and 
neurodegenerative disorders. We are seeking MS- or PhD-level researchers and 
developers with strong backgrounds and interest in Machine Learning and Computational
Chemistry to join our interdisciplinary team starting in Fall 2021. Candidates
should be excited about building interdisciplinary computational frameworks
to power structure-based drug discovery and revolutionize pharmaceutical development. 

Required Qualifications: 
- M.S. or Ph.D. in Computer Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Computational 
Chemistry, Computational Biology, or a related field; industry or postdoc experience a plus
- Positive attitude
- Attention to detail and enthusiasm for benchmarking 

Desired Qualifications (any combination of these):
- Previous research experience in machine learning algorithm development
- Previous research experience applying AI to solving a challenge in chemistry or biology
- Previous experience in computational chemistry, e.g. with molecular dynamics simulations or virtual screening
- Previous experience with molecular dynamics force fields
- Machine learning coursework
- Quantum chemistry coursework or research
- Previous experiences with interdisciplinary collaborations

Your responsibilities:
- Contribute to the development of our AI force field for describing protein motion
- Generate and curate benchmarking data
- Work closely with experimentalists, modelers, and medicinal chemists to improve our force field
- Prepare figures/slides/documents for external presentations 
- Help shape the culture of New Equilibrium Biosciences (

If interested, please apply via our google form (
by September 13, 2021. Cover letters can be addressed to Drs. Burger and Bratholm. 
We will be reviewing applications as they come in, 
so apply now and join us in our mission of creating new medicines for life-threatening diseases!

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