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Date: Wed Oct 12 17:18:24 2022
Subject: 22.10.12 Research Software Engineer, OpenBioSim Community Interest Company, Remote (UK)

OpenBioSim is a recently established not-for-profit organisation that develops and maintains 
open-source scientific software solutions for the benefits of stakeholders in academia and industry. 
We have a particular focus on molecular simulation methodologies for pharmaceutical R&D 
applications that have potential for increasing the efficiency of drug discovery processes. 
We work with leading life sciences software vendors and biotechnology organisations to accelerate 
the development of innovative computational products that help improve human health. 

The opportunity 

We are currently looking for a research software engineer to work alongside computational chemists
and drug discovery scientists on collaborative open-source software projects. You will work on making
 cutting edge molecular simulation methods accessible to a broad range of scientists working in 
industry and academia. 
Different profiles may fit this role and we will consider computational chemists interested in a taking 
on a software-focussed role, as well as software engineers with a background in physical sciences. 

What the role will involve

	Work alongside computational chemists to develop robust implementations of cutting-edge 
molecular simulation techniques.
	Work with collaborators to benchmark software from academia
	Contribute to the development of large collaborative open-source software projects such as 
the BioSimSpace framework for interoperable molecular simulations. 
	Apply best practices for developing, maintaining and distributing open-source software 
development (code reviews, writing unit tests, continuous integration, documentation, user support, 
	Work alongside engineers and researchers to integrate open-source solutions as components of
 proprietary drug discovery platforms. 

We offer a fully remote position and will consider part-time or full-time appointments. 

Skills requirements


	Experience with Python programming
	Experience of working with GitHub or other open-source development platforms
	Experience of working collaboratively on software development projects 

	An advanced degree (Masters or PhD level) in Chemistry, Physics, Biology or Computer Science
	Experience with C or C++ programming 
	Familiarity with molecular simulation algorithms is desirable
	Familiarity with free energy methods such as alchemical free energy calculations would be an 
	Familiarity with modern machine learning methodologies and their applications problem classes
 in Chemistry and Biology may be useful
	A track-record of successfully using molecular simulation methodologies in research projects in
 academia or industry would be compelling 


	Work on cutting-edge open-source scientific software that will contribute to improving human
 health by accelerating innovations in computation-driven drug discovery
	Generous holidays allowance, and flexible remote working policy
	Competitive compensation package that matches your skills and experience
	Accelerate your career-growth. Learn from highly experienced scientists and engineers. We will
 support your professional development and help you grow your professional network

Apply for this Job

	Please submit your resume and Cover Letter to careers],[ . We will get back to
 you if we would like to progress your application further.

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