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Date: Sun Oct 30 13:33:43 2022
Subject: 22.10.30 Postdoc Fellow, Computational Biophysics & Drug Design, Kireev lab, University of Missouri
We are looking for a creative scientist to contribute to the development and application of novel
techniques in computational biophysics and drug design. The major focus will be on artificial
intelligence, structure-based design and multi-scale molecular simulations. You will provide a major
contribution to multidisciplinary projects in collaboration with experimental groups at the University of
Missouri - Columbia, University of Utah, University of South California, and the University of North
Carolina at Chapel Hill. Therapeutic areas include cancer, aging and neurologic disorders and involve
innovative biomolecular targets.

PhD in Computational Chemistry or in a related discipline is required.

You are expected to have a broad interest in computer applications to biomedical sciences and
chemistry. Advanced knowledge and skills in deep learning, data processing, and structure-based
approaches would be a significant advantage. Experience in statistical physics, thermodynamics,
molecular simulations, chemoinformatics and general molecular modeling will be highly appreciated.
You are encouraged to apply if you have any of the following specific skills: simulation and modeling
software (Gromacs, NAMD, Shrodinger suite), programming (C++, Python), data mining and machine
learning (PyTorch, TensorFlow, R, Pipeline Pilot, Matlab). You must display outstanding motivation and
commitment to research in a fast-moving and competitive field. Excellent personal skills and the
ability to work in a multidisciplinary team setting are essential.

For more Information on Dr. Kireev and his research: or
To apply, send your cv and a statement of motivation directly to
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