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Date: Wed Nov 16 17:03:17 2022
Subject: 22.11.16 Software Developers for Drug Discovery
Cheminformatics software developers are sought to join an ambitious, 
well-funded interdisciplinary research group based in New York City.  
Successful candidates will work closely with our world-class team of 
chemists, biologists, and computer scientists on developing software that 
is critical to our drug discovery efforts.  

Ideal candidates will have extensive experience with cheminformatics 
software packages; strong Python and C/C++ programming skills; experience 
with development for cluster architectures; and familiarity with Linux/UNIX 
operating systems.  Relevant areas of expertise include virtual screening 
and docking, computer-aided small molecule design, molecular modeling, and 
engineering of large-scale chemical databases, but specific knowledge of 
any of these areas is less critical than intellectual curiosity, 
versatility, and a track record of achievement.

D. E. Shaw Research (DESRES) develops and uses advanced computational 
technologies to understand the behavior of biologically and 
pharmaceutically significant molecules at an atomic level of detail, and 
to design precisely targeted, highly selective drugs for the treatment of 
various diseases.  Among our core technologies is a proprietary 
special-purpose supercomputer called ANTON which we designed and 
constructed to perform molecular dynamics simulations more than 100 times 
faster than the world's fastest general-purpose supercomputers.  
DESRES develops and refines advanced biomolecular modeling methods, 
software, and machine learning techniques on ANTON, as well as on 
general-purpose supercomputers, in order to pursue both internal and 
collaborative drug discovery programs. Successful hires will be 
responsible for developing our tools and methodologies for virtual 
screening and hit-finding drug discovery, leveraging our custom 

We take great pride in the caliber of our team, and we offer above-market 
compensation.  We also provide generous relocation and immigration 
assistance to new hires.  In addition, we strive to support the personal 
and professional needs of our team members by offering generous benefits, 
opportunities for community engagement, and a variety of learning and 
development programs.

To submit an application, please use the link provided below:

D. E. Shaw Research is an equal opportunity employer, dedicated to the 
goal of building a diverse workforce. We embrace diversity along all 
dimensions, and respect and value the unique qualities, perspectives, and 
identities of every person in our group. We welcome inquiries from all 
exceptionally well-qualified applicants, regardless of race, color, 
nationality, national or ethnic origin, religion or religious belief, 
caste, gender identity, pregnancy, caregiver status, age, military service 
eligibility, veteran status, sexual orientation, marital or civil partner 
status, disability, or status in any other category protected in this 
regard by law in any jurisdiction in which we operate. 

The expected annual base salary for this position is $200,000 - $500,000.  
Our compensation package also includes variable compensation in the form 
of sign-on and year-end bonuses, and generous benefits.  The applicable 
annual base salary paid to a successful applicant will be determined 
based on multiple factors including the nature and extent of prior 
experience and educational background.
To submit an application, please use the link provided below:
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