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Date: Mon Jan 16 18:57:51 2023
Subject: 23.01.16 Postdoctoral and Ph.D. positions in molecular modeling/computational biophysics
A postdoctoral position in molecular modeling/computational biophysics

A postdoctoral position is available in the Chemistry Department at Georgia 
State University in Atlanta, GA, USA. The position will focus on building 
structural models of protein complexes involved in gene expression and 
investigating their dynamics by large-scale molecular dynamics simulations.
The work involves application of advanced modeling techniques to incorporate
experimental data, specifically from cryo-electron microscopy, into models 
of biological assemblies. Candidates will have the opportunity to learn 
state-of-the-art molecular modeling methods and collaborate with leading 
experimental groups. Significant supercomputing resources will be made 
available. For an additional perspective on this research, candidates are 
encouraged to visit our group website ( The 
position is supported by federal funding from the National Institutes of 
Health and the National Science Foundation. 

Required qualifications: 
-	Ph.D. in computational chemistry, biophysics, computational biology 
        or a related discipline
-	A strong background (and publication record) in molecular modeling,
        molecular dynamics simulations, structural bioinformatics and data
-	Coding and scripting experience (e.g. Python or C/C++)

Desired qualifications: 
-	Familiarity with molecular modeling and visualization packages 
        (e.g., NAMD, AMBER, Rosetta, PyEmma, UCSF Chimera)
-	Good analytical and communication skills
-	Machine learning methods, preferably in a field related to 
        biophysics or structural biology (i.e., ML applied to simulation 
        data analysis or to heterogeneous reconstruction from single 
        particle EM data)  
-	Ability to work independently

To be considered, please send a cover letter with a summary of research 
experience and a CV with a full list of publications together with names 
and contact details of three references to Prof. Ivaylo Ivanov 
(iivanov^ After initial screening of applications, letters of 
reference will be requested on behalf of competitive candidates.Initial 
appointment is for one year, renewable upon mutual agreement. 
Georgia State University is in Atlanta - a multicultural city and one of 
the major metropolitan areas in the USA.

Prof. Ivaylo Ivanov
Department of Chemistry, Georgia State University
E-mail: iivanov^

Ph.D. student positions

Our group has two openings for prospective Ph.D. students in computational 
biophysics for the Fall Semester 2023. We are looking for highly motivated
candidates to conduct research in molecular modeling. This research 
addresses critical problems in the biomedical arena, unified by the common 
theme of how cells accomplish faithful duplication and expression of their 
genetic material. Research in our group has direct bearing on understanding 
the molecular basis of genetic integrity and the loss of this integrity in 
cancer and in degenerative diseases. Support for graduate studies includes 
an annual stipend (current level set by the department for incoming students
is $30,000) and a tuition waiver. Support generally comes from NSF/NIH 
grants and/or the Chemistry Department. Interested candidates are welcome 
to contact Prof. Ivanov directly by email: iivanov^ and should also
apply to the GSU chemistry graduate program 


  - B.S. in Chemistry, Biochemistry, Chemical Engineering, or 
    related disciplines 
  - Strong interest in computational chemistry and biomolecular modeling
  - Experience in molecular modeling & simulation methods
  - Knowledge in Linux, programming and shell scripting is preferred 
    but not required

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