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Date: Sun Apr 2 15:16:38 2023
Subject: 23.04.02 Research Scientist/Postdoctoral Associate in Computational Chemistry/Biophysics in New York, NY, USA
The Filizola Lab ( at the Icahn School of 
Medicine at Mount Sinai, located in New York City, USA, is inviting 
applications for a research scientist/postdoctoral associate position in 
the broad field of computational chemistry/biophysics. The laboratory is 
best known for providing rigorous mechanistic insights into the structure, 
dynamics, and function of prominent drug targets, such as G protein-coupled
 receptors (GPCRs), transporters, channels, transcription factors, and 
beta3 integrins, with the ultimate goal of accelerating drug discovery. 
To this end, we employ several computational structural biology, 
cheminformatics, and artificial intelligence (AI)-based approaches, 
including molecular dynamics simulations, enhanced sampling methods, 
machine learning, deep learning, free-energy perturbations, molecular 
modeling, etc.   

We are seeking highly qualified candidates with expertise in the 
development and/or application of computational biophysics/chemistry tools
 for drug discovery and development. We are open to considering candidates 
with different seniority levels. The position will provide an opportunity 
to participate in various interdisciplinary projects, with a chance to work
 closely with experimental collaborators. Current ongoing projects in the 
lab include discovering novel chemotypes for a variety of prominent drug 
targets, binding and optimization of atypical opioid drugs, understanding 
functional selectivity of GPCRs at an atomic, kinetic, and thermodynamic 
level of detail,predicting drug-target residence times as better indicators
 of in vivo drug efficacy than binding affinity, integrative structural 
modeling of intermediate conformations of ligand-protein complexes along 
their activation pathway(s), etc.   
The ideal candidate should have a Ph.D. or equivalent degree in a 
quantitative science major, including but not limited to Physics, 
Chemistry, Biophysics, Bioinformatics, Theoretical/Computational Chemistry,
 Computational Biology, Computer Science, Engineering, or a related 
discipline. To qualify for this position, strong analytical ability is 
required alongside expert programming skills and solid knowledge of one or
 more of the following: molecular dynamics simulations, free energy 
calculations, machine learning/deep learning, Markov State Models, virtual
 screening, docking, pharmacophore analysis, etc. Strong communication 
skills and the ability to collaborate with peers and train junior 
colleagues effectively are also required. 

The position is available immediately.
Qualified applicants should send a CV and at least 2 reference names by 
email to Dr. Marta Filizola at Review of 
applications will begin immediately and continue until the position is 
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