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Date: Sun Jan 14 11:28:43 2024
Subject: 24.01.14 Computational PhD studies at Chicago
Applications are invited for PhD studies in theoretical physical chemistry, 
focused on computational modeling of nanoscale systems of physical, chemical, 
and biological origins. The simulated systems have applications as new 
therapeutics, materials, and nanofluidic systems. Most research projects 
have a highly interdisciplinary nature, they are often done in close 
collaborations with top experimental groups around the world, and 
the results are published in leading journals. 

Possible research projects are related to: 

1) classical molecular dynamics simulations of bio-related systems, 
such as peptides, dendrimers, and nanoparticles selectively coupled to 
proteins (SARS-CoV-2), biological membranes, etc. 

2) multiscale modeling of materials based on self-assembled nanoparticles, 
nanocages, peptides, etc.

3) nanofluidic studies, desalination, power generation, molecular machines, 

4) electronic structure and transport calculations in nanomaterials, 
energy-related studies, etc.

5) development of novel codes, including machine and deep learning, 
innovative forcefields, etc.

Potential candidates should be motivated and creative, with computational 
skills and possible background in physics, chemistry, and/or biology. 
Preliminary knowledge of computational methods used in the above fields 
is highly welcome. Our graduate students are highly successful in their 
follow up careers, continue with their postdoctoral research at leading 
US institutions and obtain faculty positions or quality industrial jobs.

The research will be conducted in the group of Prof. Petr Kral located 
in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Illinois at Chicago 
( Chicago is a highly multicultural place with 
a lot of possible activities. The UIC campus is nested within walking 
distance to downtown.
Interested candidates should send e-mail to: pkral|-|
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