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Date: Thu Feb 1 15:24:37 2024
Subject: 24.02.01 Postdoctoral position in machine learning for biomolecular simulation and modeling, Dallas, TX, USA
We are seeking a highly motivated and talented Postdoctoral Research Fellow 
to join the Tao research group in the Theoretical and Computational Chemistry 
program at Southern Methodist University. The successful candidate will be at 
the forefront of integrating advanced machine learning techniques with 
biomolecular simulation and modeling to address complex biological problems. 
This position offers a unique opportunity to contribute to cutting-edge research 
in a vibrant scientific environment.

Key Responsibilities:
1. Develop and apply machine learning algorithms to enhance the accuracy and 
   efficiency of biomolecular simulations.

2. Collaborate with an interdisciplinary team of scientists to design and implement 
   computational models for predicting biomolecular dynamics and interactions.

3. Analyze large datasets derived from simulations and experimental results 
   to uncover novel insights into biomolecular mechanisms.

4. Contribute to the development of new methodologies for integrating experimental 
   data with computational models.

5. Publish research findings in high-impact peer-reviewed journals and present 
   at conferences.

1. Ph.D. in Chemistry, Biophysics, Physics, Biology, Computer Science, or a related 
   field, with a strong emphasis on machine learning and computational modeling.

2. Demonstrated experience in biomolecular simulation techniques such as molecular 
   dynamics, Monte Carlo simulations, or related methods.

3. Proficiency in machine learning, particularly in deep learning frameworks such as 
   TensorFlow or PyTorch.

4. Strong programming skills in Python, R, or similar languages, and experience with 
   high-performance computing environments.

5. Excellent analytical, organizational, and communication skills, with a proven track 
   record of publishing scientific research.

About Us:
Tao Research Group is committed to excellence in research and education, 
offering a dynamic and inclusive environment for scientific discovery. 
Our research interest covers theoretical and computational methods development 
and their applications regarding biomolecular simulations, protein allostery, 
and enzyme catalysis. Please see our website
Located in Dallas, TX, our institution is at the heart of a thriving scientific 
community, providing ample opportunities for collaboration and innovation.

Dallas, TX, known for its vibrant mix of cultural diversity and economic growth, 
offers an exceptional living environment. It is famous for the combination of 
its affordable cost of living and high quality of life without the financial 
pressures found in many metropolitan areas. As a key aviation hub, Dallas offers 
seamless connectivity to a wide array of domestic and international destinations. 
Additionally, being a major host city for 2026 FIFA World Cup is just the icing on the cake.
Interested candidates should submit a cover letter highlighting their 
research interests and experience, a CV, and contact information for 
three references to Dr. Peng Tao through email (ptao*_*
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