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Date: Thu Feb 15 18:51:58 2024
Subject: 24.02.15 Postdoc in Computational biophysics and photobiology, Texas Tech

Postdoc in Computational biophysics and photobiology, Texas Tech

The Liang Group is seeking a motivated and independent postdoc to work on the multiscale simulation of photoactive proteins.


Possible research topics involve developing and using advanced electronic structure, quantum dynamics and enhanced sampling methods to study photochemical reactions in biomolecules. The successful candidate is expected to have strong independent problem-solving skills in molecular simulations and track the most recent research progress in the literature related to the projects. The candidate is expected to work independently without much reliance on the PI's hands-on guidance. Experience in method development and coding is preferred. The candidate is also expected to actively discuss research progress with the PI, attend conferences to present research, and write high-quality drafts of manuscripts. Other responsibilities include mentoring graduate and undergraduate students.

The initial employment is one year, with the possibility of extension.

About Texas Tech University and Lubbock:
Texas Tech University is located in the city of Lubbock in Texas. Texas Tech University is listed in the Very High Research Activity (R1) category of the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education, often referred to as "Carnegie Tier One." Living in City of Lubbock is both cost-friendly and convenient. The PIs group has abundant CPU and GPU computational resources, and has established collaborations with other groups in experimental and computational chemistry.

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