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Color JPEG Library
Eric Pepke
January 19, 1995

This directory contains a color JPEG library which can be linked into SciAn 
and used to make a series of JPEG images containing the frames of a movie.

This library was developed by Rodney Hoinkes at the Centre for Landscape 
Research.  SCRI does not support this library; we merely make use of it in
SciAn.  We include a variety of compiled versions on this FTP site for 
convenience only.

There are three directories underneath this one: IRIX4, IRIX5, and IBM.  The
IRIX4 directory contains the version of the library compiled for IRIX system
4 on Silicon Graphics workstations.  The IRIX5 directory contains the version
compiled for IRIX system 5 on Silicon Graphics workstations.  The IBM directory
contains the version compiled for IBM workstations under AIX version 3.  It
has been tested under several variations of AIX version 3 that we have 
installed, and it seems to work.

To install this on your system, first determine what system type you have.
Then go into the appropriate directory and download libCLRjpeg4.a.Z to your
computer.  (All versions of the library are named the same in order to maintain
compatibility with our existing installation process.)  Uncompress this file,
producing libCLRjpeg4.a.  Place this file in /usr/local/lib.  Now you are 
ready to run the SciAn installation process again.

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