The text file is also avilable here

React3 is a Macintosh application for modeling and fitting chemical reaction
mechanisms. It is a complete rewrite of React2 and is presented in compiled
form for Macintosh computers. A sample input mechanism looks like:
This mechanism is a test with an analytic solution
0.5		*	A --> B 
0.10		B  + A --> C 
 a silly test

where the * indicates a least-squares adjustable rate, lines containing an
arrow --> are reactions and all other lines are ignored.

There is a MS WORD manual and a plaintext filter of the manual with examples
and usage instructions.

all is packed in a self extracting archive encoded in MacBinary II

Consider this a test copy. Let me know how it works and what Mac and OS you
are using if there is trouble. It was compiled under 7.5.1 using Think C/C++
7.0 on my personal Performa 6115CD (601 PPC). 

Enjoy! Share! but don't sell/remarket!!! 
No affiliatiation with the US GOVT, state of California, LLNL or University of
California....This is a gift from me to you;
no warranty or support from me or anyone else- use at your own risk!

Send me a postcard if you really like it! 

Dr. Michael Whitbeck
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
POB 808
Livermore, CA 94550

------------ UPDATE / BUG FIX --------------
Note for release 3.2 (Mac version) of React

React 3 has bugs! Sorry but it happens. 

React 3.2 is patched around the bug while I rethink the problem.

	Do not use the 'at' symbol [ '@' ] in variable names; it won't hurt 
	anything but a future release may use this symbol for the user to 
	flag variables to be treated using the steady-state approximation.
Further news: watch for OS/2 and possibly DOS versions 
	courtesy of George McBane

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