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This set of Matlab scripts will calculate the irreducible characters and the irreducible matrix representatives of a finite group. IrrepMain.m is the main script which will read the input data and will during execution call the functions inverse.m, genera.m, classes.m, charac.m (modulus.m), repres.m, permu.m, degen.m, intsec.m, subsp.m, eigvec.m and mgt.m. Three input files shall be submitted for execution. The contents of steer.dat will control the amount of output data. One file containing the order of the group and one file containing the multiplication table of the group shall be supplied. Example input files are supplied; order_C3.dat, C3.dat for the group C3, order_D4.dat, D4.dat for the group D4 and order_C4v_C4v.dat, C4v_C4v.dat for the group C4vxC4v. This program package is an extension of the QCPE 169 Fortran program. This set of files will also handle irreducible representation matrices with no non-degenerate eigenvalues of the matrix representatives. The finite group C4vxC4v is an example of this problem. These set of files is a stand alone program package. The Matlab scripts are also used by SYMPRJ.m/SYMPW.m and SYMPRJS.m/SYMPWS.m as Matlab functions. For further information, please see the document Program-Irrep.doc(pdf).

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  • [79kB] : Irreducible representations of finite groups

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The contribution is submitted as a Zip-file. The Matlab-scripts have been developed using UNIX(Solaris 9)-Matlab, but have also been run using Windows 2000-Matlab. The scripts should be equally applicable to UNIX as to Windows. Some files look strange, displaying them in Windows Vista. The set of files should be contained in one folder. The Web-link has been advertised at the QCPE Web site.

Per-Olof Jansson

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