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Package Name:  AM3032.ZIP

Title:  AutoMessage 32-Column

Version:  3.0

AutoMessage 32-Column! Graphical message/advertising/billboard system.
Has 4 fonts, 16 colors for both text and background, blinking, underline,
and double-size text, top and bottom title lines, nine display effects,
wipes, fades, internation characters, and multiple fonts in messages.  The
program keeps help on the screen at all times (up until message display.)
The program also features a graphical interface, and takes about 5 minutes
to learn to use.  Requires 420K and VGA.

Abstract:  Graphical Message/Advertising/Billboard System.  32 Column.

Replaces:  AM2332.ZIP

Computers:  IBM PC - Pentium

Author:  Russell Holloway, HollowSoft Consulting.
         (Uploader is original author)

Phone:  1-800-815-6578

Email Address:  72144.1376@COMPUSERVE.COM

Suface Address:  P.O. Box 54225
                 Lexington, KY  40555-4225

Special Requirements:  VGA.

Distribution Limitations:  None

Copying Policy:  Shareware

Demo:  No

Nagware:  No

Self-Documenting:  Yes

Source Included:  No

Size zipped:  218K
Size original:  492K
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