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README.TXT Collide program.        

        This program simulates the behavior of a gas.  Classical mechanics is
used to calculate the trajectories of individual particles. The visual presen-
tation of the model helps the student to gain an intuitive understanding of 
gases and their properties.  The advanced student can investigate the pro-
perties of matter at particle densities up to near close-packing levels.
        Molecules are modeled as hard spheres in motion in a small container, 
bouncing off the walls and each other.  Rates of collision between particles 
and with the walls, pressure and speed distribution are calculated and compared 
with theoretical values.
        Starting from arbitrary initial conditions, the system evolves towards 
equilibrium.  When the volume of the molecules is small compared to the volume 
of the container, system behavior approaches that of an ideal gas.

        System requirements:  IBM PC/Compatible, with 80286 or higher,
VGA 640x480x16 color or higher, DOS 3.3 or higher. Fast computer suggested.   

        Installation:  Copy COLLIDE.ZIP to a directory, unzip the file and look
at the file README2.TXT for instructions on running COLLIDE.EXE.

        The author is a faculty member of The Department of Chemistry of
Polytechnic University, New York City.

        Copyright (c) 1994-1998 David Schmidling
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