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This is a version of Mike Whitbeck's REACT 3.21 program compiled
for DOS.  It calculates concentration vs. time
profiles for specified chemical mechanisms, and will fit model
rate coefficients to data if available.  The program uses standard
screen and file I/O.  No changes were made in the program; this is a 
simple recompile with Microsoft C 5.1.  (Thank you Standard C!)
The program does require a math coprocessor (it's silly to run
it on a machine without one.)

This program is similar to the Macintosh and OS/2 versions which are
also available at in /pub/chemistry/software/mac
and /pub/chemistry/software/os-2 respectively.  React is relatively
light on memory requirements, so I don't expect users to run
into memory limits with the DOS version, but I have not tested to find
the limits.

The program manual is contained in manual.txt; the DOS executable is

For questions specifically about the program's operation on
DOS, email to George McBane, or write to

George C. McBane      
Department of Chemistry         FAX (614) 292-1685
The Ohio State University      
120 W. 18th Ave
Columbus, OH 43210

For correspondence about the program itself, write Dr. Mike Whitbeck

The program requires one command-line parameter (the name of the master
file), and has three optional parameters: the maximum number of 
iterations the integrator takes on any one step, the maximum order
used by the integrator, and the scalar relative tolerance.  For 
information about the use of these parameters, see the documentation
for Hindmarsh and Cohen's CVODE integrator package, available 
for ftp at in the directory ODE.  

24 October 1995
George McBane
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