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From: (George Hart)
Subject: Free PC software: DIMCALC
Date: Tue Oct 18 15:49:59 EDT 1994
Organization: LInet (Long Island Network)
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A free, public domain, hopefully useful program called DIMCALC is
available.  It is a new kind of calculator and units converter which
"understands" physically dimensioned quantities in a way unlike any
other software I know of.  It recognizes and manipulates lengths,
velocities, temperatures, surface tensions, etc., and any combination
of such, in addition to ordinary numbers.  It allows one, e.g., to
add velocities such as "1 meter per second" and "1 furlong/fortnight"
and then multiply the sum by a time "1 week" to get a distance.  The 
interface has a choice of functions, memory cells for storage, and 
the ability to display inputs and results in terms of an infinite
number of built-in and user-defined units.  

It runs under Windows 3.1, comes with extensive help files of 
documentation, and user-extendable unit-definition files.

The file (approx 70KB) contains all the software, help,
and data files.  Also get the VBRUN300.DLL subroutine file if you do
not have that already.  Both are available by anonymous FTP from

You can send me comments by e-mail at

George Hart
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