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SASS and SASSPro Wastewater Modelling Software

SASS is a Windows 3.1 introductory modelling program for Steady-state
Activated Sludge Simulations.  Based on a fully aerobic system, SASS
provides mixed liquor, biomass, oxygen, nitrification and effluent
calculations with selectable primary wastewater characteristics,
temperature coefficients and kinetic constants.

SASSPro is an advanced version providing extended modelling facilities
across 8 primary plant configurations, with selection from over 50
process parameters.  Additional facilities include denitrification,
phosphorus and alkalinity calculations, sludge disposal costing and
aeration power requirements.  Reactor volumes, recycle rates, oxygen
levels and wastewater characteristics are fully configurable, with
dynamic re-calculation of Rsm (minimum sludge age for nitrification)
and optimum MLSS 'a' recycle flow rates.

Both SASS and SASSPro are designed for process configuration comparisons,
process optimization and sensitivity studies, as well as being excellent
mediums for maintaining in-house process familiarization.  Both are used
in industry and academic wastewater training courses, and by major
municipal authorities and consultants in the wastewater industry.

In addition to comprehensive operation manuals, these programs also include
an extensive activated sludge reference manual.

The Activated Sludge Resource Book provides a step by step training
program on activated sludge processes for wastewater treatment - including
principles of operation, review of conventional systems, process
characteristics, stoichiometry of biological reactions, process monitoring,
kinetics of substrate removal, nitrification and denitrification, and
introduction to modelling techniques.

Further details on both programs are available from:

For those interested, this site also contains one of the most extensive
lists of resources on wastewater processes available on the internet.

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