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If you want to look at a molecule quickly, without starting MacroModel or
Cosmic, type eadfrith Filename. You will get the following messages:

 Use ESC key to exit, SPACE to render
 LEFTMOUSE to enlarge,
 MIDDLEMOUSE to rotate, RIGHTMOUSE to move.
 (A) Radii: 1.000000
 (B) Bond Option: 0
 (C) Picture in window
 (D) Full contrast
 (E) Background colour (RGB): 0 0 0
 (F) New Orientation
 (G) No NMA
 (H) Standard Colours
 (I) No Initial Depth Cue
 (J) Line Width: 1
 (K) Ambient Light 0.5000000
 (L) Bond radius  0.3000000
 (*) Quit
 Enter a letter, then RETURN, to alter options
 or press RETURN to continue

Press RETURN immediately to display your molecule. It will appear in a new
window, and can be rotated, enlarged and moved using the mouse. A rendered
version can be made by pressing the space bar. The window can be killed by
pressing the ESC key (top left of the keyboard).

To alter the settings, type a letter, then press return. You may then be
asked for more information. The options control the picture in the following

   * A: Alter the radius of the rendered spheres (drawn when the space bar
     is pressed). 1.0 gives a ball and stick model; 4.0 gives a CPK model.
   * B: Controls the colouring of the rendered bonds.
   * C: Toggles between a new window and filling the screen with the
   * D: Controls the contrast in the rendered picture.
   * E: Controls the colour of the background. 0, 0, 0 gives a black
     background; 255, 255, 255 give a white background. The first number is
     the red component of the colour, the second is the green component, the
     final number is the blue component.
   * F: Decides whether to use the orientation of the previous molecule, or
     to use a new orientation.
   * G: This option enables you to animate normal mode analyses.
   * H: This switches between using standard colours, or reading them from
     the file.
   * I: Turns depth cueing on or off while molecules are rotated.
   * J: Determines the width (in pixels) of the lines that make up the
   * K: This figure is the ratio of ambient to directional light in the
     rendered figure.

Eadfrith may be downloaded from this server.

Eadfrith illuminated the Lindisfarne Gospels.
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