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This is MullPoP, a program to carry out a Mulliken Population 
Analysis that complements the Mulliken Analysis supplied by 
Gaussian 98 using pop(full). MullPop provides the gross MO 
population in terms of both AOs and atoms. Further, it gives 
the atomic charges that can be compared with those provided 
in the G98 output as a reliability test. 

A makefile is provided with the sources, so you only have to type 
"make" to build the executable. I test the program in my 
RedHat 7.2 Linux machine under gcc 3.0.2. The program was written
in very plain C so I guess it should run on almost every system. 
In any case, you should make the corresponding changes to the 

MullPop is able to read the Gaussian 98 output and extract the
relevant information. It sends to the screen some useful messages
concerning the G98 output processing and then generates the 
MullPop.log file which contains the population analysis.

MullPop is invoked as simply as "MullPop 
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