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Dear netters,

As it seems that the program I made a few months ago is
of some interest for lots of people and that the first version
was not 100 % error free (this version is surely also not but still a bit
better). I have corrected the code so that the program now reads
the fdat file and produces PDB files (with .ent extension)
up to 250 atoms it also makes the connectivity matrix so you can
directly read it to HyperChem 3.0, or any program that lakes bond making
the files produced are made with the refcode in the fdat file with 6 up to 8
characters if necesserary. The program is still not using every informations
that are avalaible in the fdat file, sorry I'm not a cristallographer.
The program is in ansi C but should easy to transcript for Sun workstations
(I have tested it yet on SGI and PC's)
when you run the program, it will aks you the fdat filename and will
then automatically create pdbfiles in the directory you have started the

Hope it will help

Francois Savary

Francois Savary

Department of Physical Chemistry
University of Geneva
30, quai Ernest-Ansermet
CH-1211 Geneva 4

phone  : +4122 702 65 32
fax    : +4122 702 65 18
e-mail :
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