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From: Daniel Taupin 
Date: Sat, 15 Jul 1995 16:56:42 +0100

MicroEmacs 3.12 for 386/486 computers
     Daniel Taupin and Art Kagel
This is a 386 version of MicroEmacs 3.12, written by Daniel M. Lawrence,
based on code by Dave G. Conroy.
This version is taken from the source C by Daniel M. Laurence, slightly
modified to be correctly compiled by the "djgpp/GCC" compiler by D.J.
Delorie. Therefore, while the TurboC version of MicroEmacs is bound to
approximately 600 kbytes of working memory, the Kagel/Taupin version can
handle very big files, since it works with 32 bit addressing and is
practically limited by the core memory of your 386/486, usually 4-8
The character handling routine "char.c" has been updated by D. Taupin to
consider Western European accented letters as letters, and to be able to
uppercase/lowercase them with the usual MS-DOS 850 character coding.
To get it: anonymous ftp at "",
directory "pub/pc/microemacs386".
First read "install.txt", then get the "memac*.exe" self-expanding routines
for MS-DOS.

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