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Date: Thu, 24 Aug 95 16:15:45 PDT
From: (Tom Macke)

I have an experimental code that has been used to build all sorts of helices,
hairpins, pknots, etc.  It is structure decription language that allows you
to build these molecules by a combination of rigid body transforms, distance
geometry and if you have an AMBER license, molecular mechanics.  Version 1.0
is on our anon ftp:

	login as anon, etc

	cd /pub/macke
	get nab.XXXXX.tar.Z

Version 1.1 with several functional improvements will be posted to the ftp
on Monday 28 Aug.  The new documentation approaches useable.

The code called nab, compiles structure description programs into C which the
user executes to create the structures. Runs on sun4SunOS4, sun4SunOS5, IRIX5,
IRIX6, hp-ux, titan3000 and Convex.  Will not run on MS boxes.  Requires a
C compiler (GNU-C will do).  

nab can generate AVS modules allowing real time (depending on size) interactive
structure creation, where the paramters of the model are attached to AVS dials
and buttons.  Open Inventor Version planned, but must graduate first.  If this
seems interesting, let me know.
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