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The Electronic Periodic Table of the Elements program has been complied and
tested on VMS and IRIX operating systems using the standard compilers.  The
main issue of portability is the definition of screen attribute symbols such
as those for BOLD and REVERSE which seem to differ depending on the curses
application.  Also the implementation of BELL is variable and sometimes so
is the method by which single character input is achieved (in setinput.c).
Changing these aspects is trival with the proper documentation and the
compiler will point them out.

The implementation may find it difficult to interpret arrow keys for terminals
which are not vt series.  A direct character by character interpetation of the
arrow key sequences is used.  H,J,K,L keys provide the same functions.

Any comments, improvements or suggestions can be sent to:

						Todd M. Miller
						Chemistry Department
						Brandeis University
						Waltham, MA 02254
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