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The CCL has only a partial contents of the archive

What's what:

kits			Most recent version of rayshade, shell archive format.

kits@N			Rayshade v4.0 patchlevel N distribution
			For historical interest only!

patches			Patches to initial distribution.

rayshade.4.0.tar.Z	Rayshade v4.0 distribution, latest patch level
				compressed tar file

rayshade.4.0.N.tar.Z	Rayshade v4.0 patchlevel N distribution,
				compressed tar file.		Rayshade v4.0 User's Guide,
				compressed postscript. Generated from
				LaTeX files included in distribution.

rayshade.hints		Rayshade v4.0 hint file
				A collection of any oopses or installation
				hints  Will be updated based on user mail.

Contrib			User-contributed extensions, include files, and
			the like.

Ports/*			Ports of rayshade to other architectures.

Examples		rayshade 4.0 input files not included in distribution.

Gallery			Rayshade 4.0 image gallery.

Pix			Rayshade-generated images, texture maps, etc.
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