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On the sun4 architecture (and probably others) you get this:
cc   -I.. -I../libray -O  -target sun4 -c -o lex.o lex.c
"./funcdefs.h", line 35: redeclaration of free
"./funcdefs.h", line 35: redeclaration of exit
*** Error code 1

Either remove the extern decls in funcdefs.h or change the line in
from: i_stdlib='define'
  to: i_stdlib='undef'
And run Reconfigure.
We have had trouble running rayview on an RS6000 running patch level 3005
or before.  3006 seems to fix the problem.
Certain HP systems have trouble creating "" while
running Configure.  On these systems you may need to split
the concatenation into "" into two pieces.  This may
be done by editing Configure and adding an "EOT" followed by
"$spitshell <>" near the middle of the text
that is being redirected to
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