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Submitted-by: (Jan Labanowski)
Archive-name: translit
Last-modified: 20-Jan-1993
Environment: UNIX, MS-DOS, VMS
Available-from: ( in /pub/russian/translit
Copyright-note: Yes, you have to distribute complete package.

Translit --- general transliteration program is available. It transliterates
between different alphabet representations of different languages.

It is frequently necessary to convert from one representation to another
representation of the foreign alphabet. E.g., in the Library of Congress
transliteration, the Russian letter sha is transliterated as two Latin
letters "sh" while the popular word processors use a code 232 (decimal),
the RELCOM network uses a code 221, and the KOI7 set uses character "["
for the same letter. So if your screen driver, printer, word processor,
etc. uses different codes than the text file which you have, you need to

The TRANSLIT program is a powerful tool for such tasks. It converts an input
file in one representation to the output file in another representation using
appropriate, user defined, transliteration table. Transliteration table allows
for very elaborate transliteration tasks and includes provisions for plain
character sequences, character lists, regular expressions (flexible matches),
SHIFT-OUT/IN sequences and more. The program comes with documentation and
examples of popular transliteration schemes. The Russian language serves
as an example. Other files will be added with your collaboration.

How to get the program?

First, retrieve file: readme.doc --- it describes the files in the program
distribution and has detailed instructions on how to obtain the program.

Via FTP (if you are on Internet):
  ftp           (or ftp
  Login: anonymous
  Password: Your_email_address (Please...)
  ftp> ascii  
  ftp> cd pub/russian/translit
  ftp> get readme.doc
  ftp> quit

Via E-mail:
  Send message:
     send translit/readme.doc from russian
  to or OSCPOST@OHSTPY.BITNET.  The file readme.doc will be
forwarded to your mailbox.


Author coordinates:
Jan Labanowski
P.O. Box 21821
Columbus, OH 43221-0821, USA, JKL@OHSTPY.BITNET
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