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Dear Netters,
I want to contribute program which converts some nonstandtard features of
VAX FORTRAN to corresponding features of FORTRAN 77 standard.

The program is ugly, it was a fast hack from a similar program in FORTRAN
which I wrote many years ago. It is ugly, but it works most of the time
(at least for me). Since we are all getting UNIX nowadays, you might find this
program usefull. It is available from the Comp.Chem.List archives.

To get via ftp do (check it first, it is much faster !!!).
ftp   (or ftp
Login: anonymous 
Password: Your_email_address
ftp> ascii
ftp> cd pub/chemistry/software/vaxtostd
ftp> get vaxtostd.c
ftp> get README
ftp> quit

To get it via e-mail send the message:
  select chemistry
  cd software/vaxtostd
  get *
to and the files will be send to you via e-mail. 

vaxtostd program converts some non-standard features of VAX Fortran to standard
ANSI FORTRAN 77. It is assumed that the source in VAX FORTRAN is error free.
By default program converts unlabeled DO...END DO loops, DO WHILE loops, 
constant lists in type declarations, INCLUDEs files, and unfolds TABs in 
the label field. Additional actions can be requested by options below:
   -a convert ACCEPT/TYPE               -x convert octal/hex constants
   -l convert letters to lowercase      -u convert letters to uppercase
   -r convert ! comments                -R remove ! comments
   -t convert VAX types                 -I skip INCLUDE files in output
   -i input file name                   -o output file name
   -n ddd  line length                  -L line numbers in output
   -S perform all conversions           -d debugging run
   -E you must enter this option if program contains EXTEND_SOURCE lines.
To learn more about each option, enter option followed by h (e.g. -ih).
Error messages contain level of INCLUDE nesting followed by line number.
You have to enter something on the command line before you can run this
program. If you do not know what, -n80 is a good choice.
Program is copyrighted and may not be copied without author's permission.
Comments and bug reports to: Jan K. Labanowski,
Ohio Supercomputer Center, 1224 Kinnear Road, Columbus, OH 43212
Phone: 614-292-9279, E-mail:, JKL@OHSTPY.BITNET

To compile the program do just:
cc vaxtostd.c
mv a.out vaxtostd
If you have a standard C compiler, you might want to change flag SUNC to 0
(search for SUNC with your editor) before compilation.

To get first help sceen do:
vaxtostd -h

Enjoy (if you can...)

Jan Labanowski
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