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Ghemical version 0.80 Release Announcement

Ghemical is a molecular modelling software package with GNOME and GLUT GUI
front-ends and some nice 3D-visualization tools. It supports methods based
on both molecular mechanics and quantum mechanics using MOPAC7 and MPQC
for QM. Algorithms for geometry optimization (for MM and QM) and
molecular dynamics (for MM) are included. Ghemical is written in C++, and
offers a good framework for a generic freeware molecular modelling tool.

Ghemical uses the OELib/Babel C++ framework for import and export of a
wide range of chemical file formats.

As the version number indicates, Ghemical is still in development, though
it is already quite usable. Feedback, suggestions or contributions are
very welcome. The program is made available under the GNU GPL and is free

For more information (and screenshots) of Ghemical, see the Ghemical

To download Ghemical 0.80 (current only in source form):

To report bugs/suggestions for Ghemical, see the Ghemical project page:

For more information on the Open Eye Scientific OELib library:

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