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This are programs which make VMD more useful but are not part
of the VMD distribution.

  If you have any programs to offer, please inform us at

                                                - Andrew Dalke    

 Name: conect2psf
 Description: converts the CONECT records from a PDB file into a PSF
file so the bonds are displayed properly in VMD.  Of course, you don't
want to use the PSF for a real simulation as the rest of the bonding
information is not present.
 Contributed by: Andrew Dalke 
 Notes:  Only a binary for IRIX 5.x is available
 Restrictions to use: None

 Name: chemical2vmd
 Description: Lets you use the Babel interface of VMD to load various molecular
coordinate files via the .mailcap interface used by web clients like Mosaic
or Netscape.  Also supports the chemical/x-vmd mime type.
 Contributed by: Andrew Dalke 
 Notes: Must have perl and Babel installed
 Restrictions to use: Not to be resold for profit 
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