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      fit of a set of data points to the equation :
      Procedure executed by jim at Tue Jun 13 16:41:00 1989
      input data comes from file: test.dat

     Convergence reached after  43 cycles

          All the Vertex are within 0.01%
     a( 1) =   0.72248D+01
     a( 2) =   0.12670D+04
     a( 3) =   0.23891D+03

          RMS =   0.53400D+00  Std Dev =   0.28516D+00

    x( 1)       y       ycalc      dif
 -.222D+02 0.235D+02 0.240D+02 -.448D+00
 -.122D+02 0.426D+02 0.432D+02 -.575D+00
 -.464D+01 0.656D+02 0.656D+02 -.182D-01
 0.192D+01 0.914D+02 0.921D+02 -.620D+00
 0.153D+02 0.173D+03 0.174D+03 -.974D+00
 -.128D+01 0.775D+02 0.782D+02 -.694D+00
 0.221D+02 0.235D+03 0.235D+03 -.280D+00
 0.285D+02 0.307D+03 0.307D+03 -.181D+00
 0.383D+02 0.451D+03 0.451D+03 0.775D-01
 0.550D+02 0.821D+03 0.821D+03 -.415D-01
 0.461D+02 0.604D+03 0.603D+03 0.917D+00
 0.326D+02 0.362D+03 0.363D+03 -.341D+00
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