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You should have the following files:

   molden.f                main program in FORTRAN
   xwin.c                  xwindow driver in C
   manual.txt              ascii manual               postscript manual              postscript figures of the manual
   installation.txt        document describing the installation of MOLDEN

   test.gamess             the MOLDEN input file for the GAMESS test
   gamess.out              the GAMESS output file, that test.gamess uses
   gamess.inp              the GAMESS input file used to create gamess.out
   test.gamout             the MOLDEN output file of the GAMESS test

   test.gauss86            the MOLDEN input file for the GAUSSIAN test
   gauss86.out             the GAUSSIAN output file, that test.gauss86 uses
   gauss86.inp             the GAUSSIAN input file used to create gauss86.out
   test.g86out             the MOLDEN output file of the GAUSSIAN test

First read the file installation.txt on how to install molden.
It also contains instructions on how to run the test for GAUSSIAN .
After a succesfull test the file plot or plot.dat will contain graphics
instructions. On Unix machines type: cat plot  or submit to plotter
to display this file. On VAX/VMS type: TYPE PLOT.DAT  or submit to the
appropriate plotter queue.
(The test is concerned with GAUSSIAN but this might just aswell have been 
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