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To get molden, you need to view a page:

        First read the CopyRight message.

        Then follow the instructions below to retrieve the source or
        download the executable Here
        (you have to make the binary executable: chmod ugo+x molden).
        And PLEASE Register as a Molden User, this will help to keep
        up the support for Molden.

        ftp                  # or ftp
        Name: anonymous
        Password: login_name_on_your_local_machine
        ftp> cd pub/molgraph/molden
        ftp> binary
        ftp> get molden2.n.tar.Z
        ftp> quit
        uncompress molden2.n.tar.Z

        Or Click Here

        tar -xvf molden2.n.tar
        cd molden2.n
        vi makefile

        Make the CFLAGS,FFLAGS and LDR for your machine active by removing the
        comment symbol #. And deactivate the same for Ultrix.
        If your machine is not listed you can choose Ultrix, so you need not
        edit the makefile.


        Where n denotes the most current version.

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