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PADRE - Copyright (C) 1994-1995 Matthew T. Stahl and W. Patrick Walters.  All
Rights Reserved

PADRE - Population Analysis and Duplicate Removal

PADRE is a general purpose utility that can be used to analyse the results
of conformational searches, and to measure similarity and differences
between molecules.  The program will be made available for a number of
Unix platforms (Irix, Ultrix, Linux, more to come...).  Some of the
highlighted capabilities include: 

- molecular overlap based on sterics and electronics
- cluster analysis
- Tcl/Tk based dendogram viewer interface to RASMOL
- automatic removal of duplicates from a multi-conformer file
- RMS distance / torsional difference measurement
- automatic detection of topologically equivalent atoms (automorphisms)
- support for numerous input and output file types
- simple command line interface


PADRE is freeware and can be retreived from the Ohio Supercomputer Center
computational chemistry archive (


Retrieve the file padre_beta_(platform).tar.Z from
using either ftp or a web browser.

login: anonymous
password: your-e-mail-address
cd /pub/chemistry/software/UNIX/PADRE
get padre-beta-(platform).tar.Z

1.  uncompress padre_beta_(platform).tar.Z
2.  tar -xvf padre_beta_(platform).tar
3.  follow the instructions in the PADRE.DOC

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