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Jan K. Labanowski: "Tomcat, servlets, JSPs and other friends"

Jakarta Project

Jakarta project:, is a part of Apache Software Foundation ( It is an outgrowth of the Apache JSERV project and was seeded with donation of the original servlet/JSP code by Sun Microsystems. The project was called Jakarta, since the first organizational meeting took place in one of the hotel meeting rooms which was called Jakrta. Jakarta has many subprojects. Too many to list. Most interesting for me are:

  • Tomcat -- JSP/Servlet container, and web server
  • Ant -- Java replacement to make,
  • Log4J -- environment to log usage under Java,
  • Struts -- implementation of Tag libraries for MVC paradigm,
  • Taglibs -- common tasks for JSP encapsulated as tag libraries.
Other important projects are under Apache XML subproject While the XML parser (Xerces project) is now well taken care by Sun's JAXP, the projects which are interest to me are:
  • Xalan -- XSLT stylesheet processors,
  • Cocoon -- more advanced approach, which supports XSLT, but also XSP (eXtensible Server Pages -- freedom to build your own tags),
  • SOAP -- Simple Object Access Protocol

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