Some of this stuff was discovered by me (Jan Labanowski, experimentally. Most of it is, however, assembled by me from various pieces. Please tell me if something is wrong, or written in my alien English and beyond comprehension from English-speaking Earthlings. I will try to fix it, since I would hate to distribute lies and halftruths. I did not have a chance to test everything, so some pointers are just notes in case I need it. I wrote it primarily for myself, so I do not rediscover the wheel too often. All mistakes are mine. Only other people are perfect. Use at your own peril. If you have not visited do it now. There is a great FAQ for tomcat written by Jun Inamori at

JKL's Tomcat 3.1 Beta 1 UNIX FAQ

Questions (in random order) on UNIX and Tomcat/Apache

Something added March 2001