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14 July 1997 version 4.20
New DOSY processing module. This implies :
  New optionnal menu 
  New commands: INVLAP LAPLACE DMIN ... new associated contexts 
  New data representation mode : Damping and Tabulated
  New associated units, new internal functions (itod ttoi...)
  New buffer: TAB, and associated tools ($SI_TAB, $TAB[], showtab,...)
New general Fitter:
  Minimize any function of several parameters: MINIMIZE
  Fit current data to any user defined function: FITGENE
  Related macro : showexp
New mode in FORMBOXes :
  Cursors - sliding cursors for numeric entries
  Multienum - select several entries in a list.
  Many formboxes adapted (superxd, dispcont,...)
You can now move the zoom window by moving the small area in the vignette
Coordinates are available on screen with the AXIS command
The assignment module (now V0.2)
  has been deeply corrected, debugged, extended
  try it, it is not the same (db have not changed though),
  use 'check data bases' (dbck) to make a clean start on old db's.
New macros:
  hph: same as ph on real data-sets
  gm_inter: choose interactively your gaussian apodisation
  gm_bruker sin_bruker: SIN and GM the Bruker way
  expbroad and gaussbroad EM and GM with a regular syntax
  dmxclean: to clean out those silly points from Bruker spectrometers
  userapod: apodize with any user provided fuction
  readgz - writegz: read write GZIPed files
  multi_zoom to manage several zoom window at once
  svd2d: just as burg2d, but slower (probably more accurate also)
  load: to read-in a 1D from a simple ascii file
New functions in macro language:
      valmb() gives the value of an amoeba point
many improvments in the assignment module
Added support for Varian users
	INVF works in 2D and 3D
	READV now works on Linux machines (thank's Joel ;-)
	READV understands float data-set
	varian_param varian_read, 2 new macros to help in reading files
Burg is now available in easy2d
ONE now takes care of ITYPE
Modified slightly the ZM box
New icons when you iconify the graphic interface.
Pivot in PH is now in SCOLOR
You can now SHOW DATA
Forms and Dialogs slightly enhanced
	larger buttons, better messages when canceling a dialog
macros have been modified to use the new WIDGET (super1d, super2d, etc)
the 1D spectrum can be moved up and down, with the little arrows in the ZM box.

Corrected bugs:
the calib macro had not been corrected for ppm/Hz bug
many corrected bugs and improvements in the assignment module
POINT_INPUT was buggy in 1D
The 'Missing Variable' Syndrom in FORMBOXes should be definitively cured.
INPROGRESS is now cleaner (closes when you go over the final point)
SETPEAK was buggy in 2D and 3D (F1 coor. not updated)
EM and GM are now available in easy2d (called expbroad and gaussbroad)
$PKNAME was not correctly initialized.
FOREACH .. WITHIN now Works !
Bugs in FOR and FOREACH, preventing from exiting early from a loop
blanks in the beginning of string should work now.
Some macros (evaln.g pick_peak) was making a wrong use of $zone[] in 1D
aggressive zooms (less than 4 pixels wide) do not core-dump anymore.
CD should now work on AIX.

15 october 1996 version 4.10
New Assignment module (in Mode menu),
   Try it and tell me what do you think of it.
   Of course it still has a lot of room for improvement !
   most of the following new commands are used by this module.
FROMBOXes have been largely extended :
  new kind of field : ACTION => active buttons
                      TEXT   => scrollable text file
  possibility to have several field on the same line (NORETURN entry)
New command CLOSEFORM with the $WIDGET context associated
New context : $pk2d_err[] which holds the error of the last integration
New context : $zone[] which holds the coord. of the square drawn by the mouse
New contexts : $row[1] : last axis used by row/col $row[2] $row[3] last coord.
New command FIND, with 2 contexts associated $fnd_pk and $fnd_pk_dst
   used to scan a data-base.
New Command FOREACH, to easily go through all the entries of an (dbm) array.
    MUCH simpler than nextlm()
New Command ZEROING, sets to zero data-points below a given threshold
  (very usefull for file-compression !  see help zeroing)
New Command MSKCONC to bind an amoeba of one peak to another one
Some new or modified macros : upzoom zoom3di setfont pksumrec pkrmz
help and apropos Graphic User Interface fully rewritten in graphic mode.

Menus can now be chosen to be either as pulldown, or as static boxes
  controlled by the PULLDOWNMENU command
The command SETPEAK has been changed (actually was a bit silly),
  the old one has been kept as SETPEAK2
Renamed MODIF_AMOEBA to MSKMODIF (did ever someone use it ?)
Optimized pen journeying in GRID
RZOOM and ALERT rewritten in macro
Slightly changed the way the standard User Interface looks.
PKRM is now less verbose
The Zoom_out button and SHOWPEAK(S) now works in 3D display
ZOOM has been changed in 3D, zoom_old retains the old syntax
Modified again the HTML manual
$SOMREC renamed to $SUMREC ($SOMREC is still there)

Corrected bugs:
The Hz/ppm calculation have been corrected from a bug creating slight offsets,
  See the file README_ppm for more info.
local path is proposed as default in file selection boxes
It is now possible to open a dbm file with readonly access
Put and Get DATA were truncating to the integer part the spectral parameters
The macro burg3d was buggy.
CLOSEBUTTON with no buttons on was crashing
FT (in 2D or 3D) was buggy when applied along one axis and when the other
  axis (axes) had an odd number of points.
Extraneous errors about DBM arrays have been removed
The postscript header have been cleaned-up a little

28 march 1996 version 4.09
Added 4 buttons in the zoom box to go in diagonal (bitmaps still a bit sloppy !)
Added two utilities from G.Salnikov :
	- dis2cache to transfer from DISNMR files
	- cache2pc to swap byte for those PC/Linux boxes.

INPROGRESS is now graphic (and can be called recursively)
modified SHOWPEAKS to be faster
Some changes in menus - Proc_1D has automatic phasing
                      - MaxEnt has been cleaned-up
                      - Peak has been reorganized
Formboxes had a quite limited number of 'enum' available.
Finally compiled under IRIX 5.3 (had to turn around a bug in the fortran compiler)

Corrected bugs:
READL and READV were quite buggy indeed !
FPRINT and HELP were buggy on HP
default value in dialogbox could not be correctly set
parameters were searched incorectly in file headers
exist() on a dbm entry was buggy
MAXENT was not correctly copying in the DATA area

17 jan 1996 version 4.08 beta
The SETPROMPT command permits to change the Gifa prompt
Now macro are searched in a PATH, as in Unix, the SETPATH command and
   the $GIFAPATH variable permits to change the active path.
The Zoom box now displays the intensity of the data-set at the cursor point.
Two new commands : POINT_INPUT for adding a value in the point stack
                   SETPEAK for modifying a peak in the peak table
New macros :  pkadjust, point_cross
New variables : $PKNAME for the last read peak table

Absmax0 is now read from the file header in the READ command. This may
  interfere with the bug below, type the command ABSMAX 0 or click on the
  reset button to clear it.
exist() now works for arrays and dbm arrays
	(exist("array[]")) is true if array[x] exists with at least one entry
PUT DATA and GET DATA now copy all the spectral parameters
LIST has been rewritten in macro
SHOWPEAK and SHOWPEAKS now show in all available screens
LINEFITD has now a different syntax (I hope it won't disturb you !),
     now prompts for peak index to fix (much easier in macro (see pkadjust))
@(expression) is now possible

Corrected bugs:
Absmax0 was not computed correctly in the file header
File access was not possible for very asymmetric 2D and 3D
zoom window correctly displayed in the "catch spectrum" area
INTEG was wrong after a pkread
PKRESET was slightly wrong (grossly false on 3D)
POINT->PK was giving wrong intensities in 2D
dbm package was a memory hog!
FPRINT on a read_only file now returns an error message
PHASE was not correct in 2D with one axis with a size not a multiple of 2
PH was confused with scale whan displaying
REAL in 2D was giving a wrong prompt
HELP on HP was truncating to 80 chars
PUTHEADER can now be used with long entries (even with blanks)
    (was buggy when length>12)
No more strange display after a read with a wrong zoom window.

2-nov 1995 - version 4.07b
Due to unfortunate late changes, the 4.06b version had some bugs.
This version is here to correct them. (Halloween effect ?)
Corrected bugs:
Some macro (typically, ft_n+p, proc2d, proc3d, burg2d, in fact all macros
  that play with DIM) tended to be very (I mean VERY) slow.
HPHASE was buggy in some cases (hphase in F1 in 2D)
INTEG was buggy in 1D

27-oct 1995 - Version 4.06b
New Zoom control box, with new features :
  spectral coordinates
  pop-up for dimension 1D, 2D, 3D selection
  graphic area for simplified spectral display
Added a complete set of menus for 3D processing.
An automatic phasing utility : apsl
added control on the point stack : POINT_PUSH POINT_POP POINT_CLEAR
  used for the new POINT, MONOPOINT
  POINT has been rewritten in macro
  zoom and display control is now available during macros (MONOPOINT
  ALERT, etc...)
printf, fprintf, sprintf utilities
MINDATA and MAXDATA commands (for custom made symetrisations and projections)
Motif Resource is now used by Gifa. colors and fonts are customisable
New commands for simulating data-sets : SIMUN ADDNOISE
New command for amoebae : MODIFY_AMOEBA.

All calls to the old graphic layer have been removed :
  PH, CHECK3d, etc.. are now Motif.
  all the functions of the zoom control box are available during macro
  execution (see point, rowint, pp, etc..)
  many macros have been modified accordingly
ZM and CHECK3D have slightly modified syntax
Slightly better user messages (for F1, F2, F3 dialogs)
Changed POINT and MONOPOINT see above
MODULE has been changed to MODULUS
new contexts : $CONFIG_GRAPH
Modified the HTML manual
INTEG has been internally rewritten, and a paramter has been added.
some output format have been changed (PEAK, INTEG, REDFIELD)
SIMUNOE is now obsolete, try the SimSpect2D macro, based on SIMUN

Corrected bugs:
plot3D and display of cube in 3D now work, as well as Zoom mode in 3D
FREEZE now works ! available also in the wm menu. FREEZEd windows are closed
  from the window manager.
SHOWLINE was buggy in 1D mode
%% syntax now works, was slightly buggy
file dialog box was loosing memory of the current directory
getc 3d->2d was copying wrong spectral parameters
comments at the end of a FOR line was buggy
PUT PLANE F3 was buggy (thank you Kalle ;-)
cache_mad.c was buggy (could cause core dump in certain cases)

22-june 1995 - Version 4.05b
SHOWC : new command to display joined data-set without loading them into memory
super1d/super2d macros which uses the SHOWC command to permit superposition of
   the display of several data-sets on screen
   now works for 2D (Lorentzian and Gaussian)
store zoom/back to stored zoom facility in display menu
new $CCOLOR context
New UNIT : seconds
new entry mode for coordinates : if xxx is a number
	xxx : in index; xxxp in ppm; xxxh in hertz; xxxs in seconds
REVERSE now works in 2D and 3D, reverses also in complex mode
    (depending on itype) : i.e. reverse the complex vector.
Source is now available to licenced users.
new command UNREF

the macro calib has been cleaned-up
expanded buffers for LINEFIT
clean-up of the display menu
add Plotpeaks and residue in Peaks menu
added a Correct1st point button in the Apodisation menu
correction in ux2cach utility, now handles DMX data-sets
clear mode now works on CDISP2D window
ROW COL and VERT was prompting with last point clicked in POINT,
	not true any more (was buggy)
better error messages

Corrected bugs:
ux2cach utility was very buggy ! spectral parameters were ALL wrong.
LINEFIT seems to be corrected on SGI
PH, SHOWFIT, BCORR 2 used to crash is sizes > max protected 1D
bug in initialisation of the ZM box parameters
READ used not to load correctly spectral parameters
Absmax0 is now correct in data-sets
corrected bug in variable allocation, that made long FORMBOXes to miss some variables
MULTDATA was buggy in 2D
JOIN could be used only once on read-only files
dim 2 in 2D does not refresh anymore
slightly better error handling on READH
better NDISP
JMULT was wrong by a factor of 4
command RESET removed
tail() was letting a leading blank
wrong format in PLOTAXIS have been corrected
MachTen distribution was VERY slow -> slightly better now.

may-1995 - Version 4.04b (not released)

17-mars 1995 - Version 4.03b
ported to SUN
The rshift and lshift macros
support of macro documentation by Mosaic

in NEWFILEC, the parameter FREQ has been moved to the end of the list.
BCORR 3 can now work on larger data-sets
plot deals more gracefully with errors
added feaures in easy2d, notably the "load macro" action

Corrected bugs:
the bug in the color allocation that was showing on INDY is fixed
DBM set of commands is normally debugged now on SGI and AIX machines
messages from commands are now cleaner.
NEWFILEC is debugged now, and the proc2d proc3 macros usable.
help on macro does not hampers any more the use of the macro (!)
menus now closes when the menu bar is closed
zoom out in the ZM box was changing the shape of the zoom window
TM was bugged on complexe (itype 1) data
(4.5e12+1) does not give an error any more
you can now change the color of contours in ccolor 0 mode

13-mars-1995 - Version 4.02b (not released)

16-feb-1995 - Version 4.01b (first beta)
Complete rewrite of the cache system (join, getc, putc, read, write, ...)
	=> many new features : (GET/PUTHEADER, etc..)
	=> executable are now much leaner (gifa_med version is down from 56Meg to 23Meg)
The source code for the new cache system is available in gifa/util/ux2cache
test suit for the cache and the peak functions

with the new cache the following commands have changed :
putc - getc and the order of the parameters (now like in zoom)
newfilec - does not require a join
File created with the new cache cannot be accessed with the old one.
	you can tell by making a more of the file and looking to 
	the Cacheversion parameter (old is 1, new is 2)
changed command GO and CONT to MAXENT and MAXENTCONT (cosmetic)
changed the installation Makefile
changes in util/get/getrmn (rename into getnmr) (cosmetic)

Corrected bugs:
Many bugs associated to the previous cache system have been removed,
	probably many new bugs yet to be discovered !
when working, the mouse is a watch on all windows
ZM and shift buttons when 2 windows on screen
cdisp2d and a size of 1 does not crash any more.
the line fitter now works on SGI machine (was a bug in the compiler!)
correction in the macro ft_sh (was rft instead of revf)

Not released - Version 4.09a
licence protection installed
New commands MULTDATA (mult current with DATA) INVF(invert one every two point)
USWA and SWA now work in 2D
a test of Linear Prediction in the test suit
formboxes now can be larger than the screen, adapted with scrol-bars.

The command BIG have been removed,
CDISP2D now creates a window of 15cmx15cm, independent of CX,CY
changes in the several menus
1st point correction in easy2d

Corrected bugs:
rtselect was bugged when roots were selected in disorder
rt->pk sets the line type in pklist
chsize does not accept anymore an odd size if complex mode

10-january-1995 Version 4.08a
New menus and macros:
	Linear prediction; Hilbert transform; burg2d and 3d; easy2d; easyplot
	read(f); write(f);
Support of on-line Hypertext documentation (with Mosaic)
now the $_ syntax is available at top-level context

Corrected bugs:
bugs corrected in mouse zooming;
	and extended functionnalities (now the 4 litle arrows work)
bug corrected in language (structures idented with tab)
bug corrected in RTSELECT
extended tests

Not released - Version 4.07a
syntax changed for FORMBOX and DIALOGBOX

Corrected bugs:
bug corrected on SGI -> now works on silicon
corrected readm and writem
changed the installation Makefile

1-dec-1994 Version 4.06a
first public release of the alpha version of GIFA
Many, Many changes from version 3.x - see documentation
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